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Our Mission

Welcome to the on-line home of Delaware Valley Humane Society (DVHS). We are a not-for-profit shelter dedicated to providing the best care possible for the cats and dogs in our care. Our Mission is to provide shelter care in the most humane and compassionate way with a focus on the health, care and adoption of homeless cats and dogs to desirable homes.

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About Us

Delaware Valley Humane Society was established to provide for cats and dogs in need. We work with the local village and several surrounding townships to provide food and shelter to homeless and abandoned animals. We are not associated with any other organization, so all donations stay with us, to support our local shelter. We accept cash, checks and other donations to support our efforts to provide the best care possible for our animals. We have 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status, so donations to our organization are tax deductible (be sure to consult with your tax professional).

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Daily: 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. No adoptions after 3:30 p.m. Closed Holidays.

Adoption Fees

Unaltered Dogs: $60 adoption fee; $35 spay/neuter deposit; $15 license fee

Altered Dogs: $95 adoption fee; $6 license fee

Unaltered Cats: $40 adoption fee; $35 spay/neuter deposit

Altered Cats: $75 adoption fee

How You Can Help

Your contribution, big or small, can make a huge difference.

Responsible Pet Adoption

Before deciding to adopt a shelter animal, you should be sure you are ready for the responsibility. Many animals will require time to adjust to a new home and a new family.

DVHS requires an application for pet adoption which is reviewed by DVHS staff. We will contact the references you provide.

Shelter life is stressful, and some animals can exhibit poor behavior as they make the transition from life in a shelter to life in a home. However, most of these problems can be overcome as the animal learns about the new home. A bit of commitment at this critical time will yield long-term rewards as the animal becomes a loved family member. Adoption Application

Wish List

We have a need for the following items on a daily basis. You can help by donating:

Laundry soap, Dish soap, Clorox, Pine Sol, Paper towels, Toilet paper, Twist mops, Leashes and collars, Shampoo, Flea Treatment (Advantage, Frontline), Dry dog/puppy food, Canned dog food, Canned cat food, Dry cat food, New litter boxes (large/covered), Treats and toys, Clean bedding (blankets, towels, etc.).


Shelter volunteers are an important part of our organization. They help our operations run more smoothly and help our animals be more comfortable and happy. There is a wide range of tasks available for volunteers. Our volunteer program covers jobs ranging from kennel assistant and adoptions advisors to fund raising and snow shoveling. We ask that you be reliable, responsible, and to represent us well in the community. Please review the Volunteer Guide to help in your decision making. If you believe you can help, we'd love to hear from you.

Volunteer Guide

Pet Profile

Featured Pets

DVHS Special Events and Fundraisers

Help us raise awareness and give these animals the love and care they need.


Kennel Expansion

Join in our efforts to help Humane Society Volunteer Katie Jeffers raise funds for kennel expansion. Visit


Flyin Breakfast

The Flyin Breakfast, from 8:00-1:00, is an annual event at which you have an opportunity to help support Delaware Valley Humane Society. Don't miss it!


DVHS Work Day

Join us between 10:00-2:00 to spiff up our shelter facility-- inside and out. You don't have to be an expert to lend a hand.

Adopt a pet today!

Make a difference!

Animal Control

Do not put yourself at risk by attempting to retrieve an animal who appears to be a stray.

New York State law requires each municipality to have an agreement with a shelter to house stray dogs. DVHS provides housing for the following municipalities: Sidney; Sidney Center; Unadilla; Deposit; Sanford; Franklin; Otego.

Don't put yourself (or an animal) at risk by attempting a rescue. It can be dangerous to approach an animal with which you are not familiar. Some of the risks are aggressive behavior, flight, and a small risk of disease. Even small animals can inflict serious wounds! There is also a possibility that the animal is simply returning home after a brief excursion. If you encounter a stray or abandoned animal, please contact the local animal control officer so the situation can be resolved in accordance with state and local regulations.

Team Members

Meet some of our hard working staff members. They go above and beyond to maintain a safe, comfortable environment for our homeless cats and dogs.

Team Member

Tami Nober

Shelter Manager

Tami began working at DVHS in 1999. She is pictured with Muffin who is up for adoption and has been in the shelter for 8 years! Finding homes for Muffin and other shelter animals is what Tami love about her job.

Team Member

Ashlee Birdsall

Kennel Attendant

Ashlee has worked at DVHS since 2007. Come visit her current favorites-- Dale (pictured) and Tootsie!

Team Member

John Swift

Kennel Attendant

John has worked at DVHS for one year. He refers to the shelter animals as "good kids." John is a huge fan of Peanut-- a dog with attitude!

Team Member

Angella Coy

Kennel Attendant

Angella is a new comer to the DVHS staff. Her love of pit bulls is what drew her to this work.


Delaware Valley Humane Society is always full of activity.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our organization, feel free to contact us.

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